Get away to Paradise with That Special Someone

It’s up to you what sort of romantic getaway is best for you, no matter if it’s at some lavish resort or a more relaxed place where you can share quiet, romantic moments. Often times taking a vacation and spending quality time with the person you love goes further than any gift ever could. And, many vacation resorts worldwide have recognized the particular needs of couples who want to escape their daily routines. The rose petals strewn on the bed may not be for you, but no one can turn down champagne, mouth-watering chocolates, and the perfume of fresh flowers in their room. The wide-range of romantic trips offered nowadays means you get to decide on the place best suited to what you are seeking. You may be hunting for a spot with welcoming waters and white-sand beaches, or someplace you can gaze at the incredible sight of the setting sun on some exotic island. Paris or Florence may be best suited for couples with a penchant for art and history. If you’re searching for a place to vacation where you can spend quality time with that special someone, here are a number of of the top rated ports of call for the romantically inclined. St. Lucia is a little island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and thought to be to be one of click here exploration the area’s hidden treasures. With equal parts relaxation and adventure, the island of St. Lucia is ideal for couples who appreciate basking in the sun and making the most of the first-class conveniences on offer. Adventure and romance are intertwined on the island of Kauai, Hawaii making it the ideal place for couples seeking both. For those seeking a place filled with beautiful vistas, uncorrupted beaches and fabulous landscapes need look no further than the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. Often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, couples will be left speechless by its spectacular canyon and amazing waterfalls. Zambia, Southern Africa: East African has all the elements to make it a great destination for the romantic vacationer, even though it might not be the first place that comes to mind. Fiji in the South Pacific is another ultra -romantic travel destination for couples looking for an exciting destination where everything goes. It is a nation in Melanesia made of more than 330 islands and replete with first-rate resorts and spas. The year-round warm climate and never-ending opportunities for intimate moments make Fiji a very prominent destination for couples of all kinds. There are few bucket lists that don’t feature a life altering trek through Patagonia, a sparsely populated region shared by Chile and Argentina. The awe-striking vistas and the wildlife on this faraway land have long beguiled romantics and nature-loving travelers alike. Patagonia is a one-of- kind wonderland filled with age-old forests, spectacular glaciers, jaw-dropping fjords, and magnificent snowcapped mountains.

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